Coaching Areas

As an Executive Coach I work with leaders on their individual development. Most of my coachees are senior leaders themselves or mid-level executives on their way to becoming senior leaders. I have coached people with very different cultural and educational backgrounds, spanning individuals from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Before starting a new career in Executive Coaching I used to work as a successful leader in several industries myself. I built businesses, transformed organisations for increased performance and drove significant cultural change in highly diverse international teams. As such, I gained hands-on experience in the key areas of a senior leader’s accountabilities. Based on this experience, the focus areas of my work as an Executive Coach comprise

leadership development
intercultural leadership
transition coaching
executive sparring


Involving two individuals in a trust-based and confidential environment, executive coaching allows the opportunity to objectively reflect on and discuss situations experienced, to openly reveal feelings and thoughts, and to constructively challenge behaviours with the objectives of skill advancement and personal development.

Throughout an intensive learning process, I will encourage my client to leave comfort zones and support her/him in identifying and trying alternative approaches to define new boundaries and achieve behavioural changes. My work is always driven by the following key aspects:

Empathy – In a non-judgmental manner, I will invite you to share with me your individual situation and thoughts in full openness.

Clearly agreed objectives – We will agree upfront on desired outcome and approach and regularly review progress as we jointly proceed.

Questions and challenge – Allowing you to find your individual answers and solutions yourself, I will mainly ask questions, listen and challenge you in our conversations.

Focus on key topics – Only your agenda and business context will drive our work and the approach we agree.

Motivation and support – While assuming an objective position and putting your situation in a broader context, I will always be on your side and foster an environment of comfort and learning for you.

Ideally, coaching sessions take place face-to-face. However, and given that many of my coachees are based far away from me, I also regularly coach over videoconference.

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In our coaching sessions, we will very openly explore your individual situation and your personal thoughts. This requires a very trustful environment. In my experience, an initial conversation will best allow you to decide whether we personally fit together and whether you would like to work with me as your Executive Coach.

Our initial conversation is without obligation for you and it could happen in person or over videoconference. With the lines below and before we have an opportunity to speak, I would like to introduce to you myself, my values and my background – as an Executive Coach, a senior leader and from a private perspective.

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