Intercultural Leadership

supporting you in being an effective cross-cultural leader

  • You will (or recently have) assume a leadership role spanning several geographies.
  • You will (or recently have) relocate to a country with a different culture to your home country.
  • You regularly communicate in culturally diverse environments.
  • You would like to balance the needs of culturally different parts of your international team.
  • You would like to further adapt to specific needs of people from different cultural backgrounds.

Cultural differences materialise in a multitude of dimensions like e.g. communication styles, relationship management, decision-making processes and organisational dynamics, just to name a few. A leadership style successful in one geography might lead to misunderstandings in another country, if applied the same way. A leader working in different cultural settings will be most effective, if she/he is sensible in noticing and able to respond to these differences while remaining authentic.

For the most of my own professional career I worked in an international setting, leading international teams and having held leadership positions among others in India and China. I consider this experience very enriching and maybe the most important steps in building my empathy. I would be delighted to work with you on your continued development as an internationally experienced, interculturally sensitive leader.

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