Leadership Development

supporting you in developing your authentic leadership style

  • You would like to further mature as a senior leader.
  • You would like to strengthen your Executive Presence.
  • You would like to further develop your individual authentic leadership style.
  • You were always efficient as a manager and now want to become effective as a senior leader.
  • You received feedback on your leadership style and would like to act on it.

Leadership is a continuous journey of individual development, requiring willingness and ability to regularly reflect and adapt. Your career journey might have started with exceptional performance in an operational line function and a subsequent promotion into your first leadership role. From there, roles with growing accountability for businesses and larger teams might have followed.

Across these levels, requirements to your leadership style change dramatically. The attention to detail, importance of empathetic communication and ability to manage internal and external stakeholder groups vary significantly between management layers. Behaviours that were key for success in a previous role might negatively impact a leader’s perception in a more senior role. All leadership levels differ in requirements and only if adapting adequately, a leader will fully leverage the potential of an organisation.

While adapting your individual style during your professional career, I am convinced that you need to stay in line with your own values and preferences. In coaching, you will sharpen your own leadership brand in a way to be authentic – in my view the only way to be successful as a leader on the long run.

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