Executive Sparring

a seasoned leader as your trusted advisor

  • You would like to discuss your thoughts and business challenges with someone at peer level.
  • You feel that people around you might be too involved to provide an unbiased view.
  • You would like to get an objective second perspective on ideas or concepts you have in mind.

The more a manager rises to the top, the lower the number of people available for conversations unbiased by their own agenda. Being a senior executive in a complex international organisation you might wish to have someone available with whom you can openly discuss your business challenges, individual thoughts and concerns. You might want this individual to be understanding your situation, senior enough to meet you at eye level, experienced in business management yet not having a stake in your challenges.

In senior leadership positions up to Executive Committee level I successfully dealt with a manager’s challenges myself. I learned to act as a trusted advisor in many years as a management consultant. Combining these skills allows me to act as a sparring partner for senior executives to listen, challenge and provide an objective and experience-based second opinion.

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