Transition Coaching

supporting you in assuming a new leadership position

  • You will (or recently have) assume a new leadership position.
  • You would like to be prepared for your new challenges and succeed as a leader.
  • You would like to define the target perception you create and get as close as possible to it.
  • You would like to build a strong network of stakeholders early on.
  • You would like to reflect on your initial experience with an experienced senior leader.

Managers transitioning into a new leadership position often have very little time to prepare for it. While handing over their previous position, they might already be in charge of their new accountabilities. Even if the new role involves significantly broader scope, it might be taken for granted that they are ready for the new job and ‘hit the ground running’. Expectations towards the new leader are high from all stakeholders. A supporting network might not yet be established.

Success of the new leader strongly depends on effective preparation and the right well-selected steps in the beginning of the tenure. Both in new companies and new geographies, I several times in my professional career successfully went through the exciting journey of assuming a new leadership position. In addition, I supported individuals joining my own team in leadership position. I would be happy to support you in the same way in your own transition.

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